Case Studies
By: Bill E. Branscum
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When cases settle, most settlements include some sort of nondisclosure agreement that prevents me from sharing the reports with you. Sometimes, settlement is impossible and in some cases, Clients are more interested in criminal prosecution than recovering lost funds. You may find the following cases informative and interesting to review.

Any report that you find, or may have previously found, published here is public record, and/or published with the consent of our Clients. You may note that some cases which were previously listed, and/or featured on our "In the Spot Light" page, are no longer available here. In cases where settlements were reached, good faith requires that we honor the nondisclosure agreements, and make no further references to the case, even if the report itself remains public record elsewhere.

Please do not call to discuss those cases that have been removed - I will have neither records, nor recollections to share with you. I am sorry, but as explicated elsewhere, that's the way it has to be.

The following case reports are shared with the consent of the relevant Client.

Selected Case Studies:


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