Global Prosperity
By: Bill E. Branscum
Copyrights 2002

The Institute of Global Prosperity is, in my estimation, an incredible example of the degree to which reasonable, rational, intelligent people can be beguiled into believing unreasonable, irrational, ridiculous hogwash. This organization, which has been known by several names, charges the unenlightened exorbitant fees to attend international seminars where they learn all the IRS's "dirty little secrets," the ugly truths behind the governmental conspiracy to intimidate citizens into paying money they do not rightfully owe, which the government knows it cannot lawfully collect.

In these seminars, Global's "experts" in "Common Law" explain why the rich stay rich, and the common man is the victim of the "system." After paying tens of thousands of dollars, graduates of these seminars refuse to pay income tax which they have been "taught" that they can legally decline to pay by people like William J. Benson.

Bill Benson, one of America's best known tax protesters, boldly proclaims that he has not filed a 1040 in years. He assures everyone who will listen that the government is afraid to address his "research" in open Court, promising them that they can follow his advice with impunity. Most people don't have the benefit of Lexis research - if they did, they would know that Benson has had his "day in Court" and lost miserably. His efforts to testify as an "expert" have been met with scorn and derision; his learned research has been evaluated and dismissed as frivolous.

At this point, I have had several cases involving Global; it is my belief that David Struckman, Lorenzo "Zo" LaMantia, Daniel P. Andersen, and those who have become involved with this ongoing criminal enterprise are operating on borrowed time. If their time has finally come, it is ridiculously long past due.

With the concurrence of my Client, I have appended a recent report for your review. Since the report is in PDF format, the Exhibit hyperlinks will not work but they are all accessible via the Exhibits page below.


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