Sierra-Leone Scam

Greetings to you.
I got your contact through an international promotion board in the internet in my search for some one to do business with. I am PRINCE DAVID SOLOMON a citizen of the Republic of Sierra-Leone in West Africa.

My father KING EGOBIA SOLOMON, was the director of Sierra-Leone Gold and Diamond Corporation and also the KING of my village. There was a gold and diamond mining company located in my village which was controlled by AMERICAN business men. During the recent outbreak of war in my country, my father was killed by rebels that are loyal to Fondey Sankoh when they wanted to loot the corporation strong room. All the security men and key officials who resisted their advancement were killed and large amount of precious stones taken away.

After the death of my father, I was instructed by my village chiefs and family elders to give account of my father's administration as the first son and PRINCE according to our tradition. As I was arranging things in my late father's bed room, I came across some documents and personal letter hidden in a constructed secret safe under his bed. Those documents are about a trunk box containing the sum of US$4.5 million which he deposited in a private security company as family valuables at ABIDJAN COTE' D IVOIRE. According to the content of the letter, the security company does not know that the box contains money. This recalled my memory. At several occasions, I will come back from school and met my father with some white men discussing in low tone. After their departure, I will ask him , who are those men? And he will answer me, they are Americans that just came into town. While I was still at my country , I contacted the security company about this and they confirmed existence of such box.

Right now ,I have left my country due to renewed outbreak of war and the constant attack of rebels to my kingdom. My mother who is a Togolese has returned to Togo with my younger brothers and sisters. I'm sending you this message from Abidjan to solicit for your assistance to help me start a new life. I'm inexperience when it comes to international investment or transferring such fund abroad . I'm just an undergraduate of mechanical engineering . I still want to further my education. If you can help me to move this fund to your country, for meaningful investment. You stand to reap 15% of the total fund for your assistance alone. You are also to manage the remaining 85% for our mutual interest.

Your urgent reply indicating your interest will help me to stop further search for help. Moreover, remember to keep this as confidential issue between us due to the popularity of my father. Awaiting your correspondence. Please you can be much faster because of the resent problem here in Abidjan for the successful conclution of this transaction please.

Yours sincerely,

for the family

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