Mortgage Fraud
What Our $800 Billion Dollars Paid For
By: Bill E. Branscum
Copyright 2008

Troy David Stratos, a/k/a Troy David Stafford

According to the sworn statement provided by his twenty-six year old former boyfriend (identified herein as Witness A), as supported by the sworn statement of his mother (identified herein as Witness B), and the original loan and bank related documents that they provided, Troy David Stratos seduced the young man, professed his undying love, entered into a live-in relationship, and persuaded him to purchase properties involving mortgage obligations in excess of two million dollars, while the young man was employed as a waiter making six dollars per hour ($6/HR) plus tips.

Naturally, the loans are in default, but I suppose that this is the sort of thing our $800 Billion dollars went to pay for.

As evidenced by the transcripts, it is quite a story. Witness A, a soft spoken, quiet young man from the Midwest, who aspires to be a model and hopes to pursue an acting career, describes meeting Stratos while working as a waiter in a fast food restaurant. Witness A reports that he initially ignored Stratos' advances, but ultimately became involved in what he describes as his first homosexual relationship, and moved in with Stratos after discussing his feelings for Stratos with his mother, Witness B, in whom he appears to confide everything.

As one might imagine, being from small town America, Witness B had difficult, and conflicting, emotions to deal with, but she loves her son above all things, and she did the best she could to be supportive. She describes meeting with Stratos, who assured her that she should not worry about the age difference, his feelings for her son were genuine, and he would never take advantage of him.

In fact, as their story goes, Stratos' love for Witness A was so profound that he wanted to demonstrate his sincerity by "giving him" the house they shared, valued at more than a million dollars - a house which Stratos represented that he owned, outright. Unfortunately, a gift in excess of $10,000 carries with it tax implications, but the witnesses report that Stratos had a "plan." Rather than give him the house, Stratos arranged for him to buy it, promising him, and his mother, that the proceeds of the loan would be parked in a Trust Account and used to pay the loan off over the course of a year, thereby transferring the house to Witness A, avoiding tax implications, and providing the young man with "deep" credit. The witnesses report that all went as planned, but not as promised - there was no Trust Account, and the young waiter from the Midwest learned a harsh lesson about love in South Beach.

Unfortunately, he didn't learn it in time to avoid being taken twice.

The witnesses report that Stratos recognized that nothing was as important to his boyfriend as his mother, and he played on it. They allege that he offered to make it possible for Witness A to buy a second home, also valued in excess of a million dollars, so his mother could move to Florida to be close to her son and leave the cold Midwest winters behind. This deal was even more special than the last, as Witness A was going to incur a mortgage obligation in excess of a million dollars, as well as a second mortgage of $169,000 for cash that was to be used to "fix up the place for his Mom." They claim to have been assured that Stratos was going to take care of everything.

By all appearances, the only thing Stratos took care of, was proving to them that South Beach can be colder than anything they knew in the Midwest. The young man was left with mortgage obligations exceeding two million dollars, and the $169,000 was immediately transferred from the joint account that Stratos shared with Witness A, to an account that Stratos is believed to share with another, older man.

I think it bears mentioning that, in addition to being a rather naive, trusting person from small town America, I found Witness A to be unusually vulnerable in other respects as well. For one thing, he has grand dreams - he dreams of being a success at modeling and acting. For another thing, and probably more importantly, this is a young man who has never even met his father, so one might surmise that an older man willing to profess to love him would find him to be a walking vulnerability waiting to be exploited.

I think it also bears mentioning that this young man, and his mother, provided these statements and the supporting documentation, explicitly authorizing me to publish it all as a warning to others, knowing that it will cause them some embarrassment. I'd call that courageous and selfless - I have taken it upon myself to redact their names.

The following exhibits, except the Transcript of Witness B's Statement, are currently being transcribed and/or scanned; they will be published within a few days.


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