I am Bill E. Branscum, a retired Private Investigator and former owner of Oracle International, an investigative agency I established following my career as a federal agent. I was awarded a BS Degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University where I graduated “With Distinction” and I was the Honor Graduate at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center prior to my career as a Special Agent, US Department of the Treasury.

The Institute of Internal Auditors recently invited me to deliver a presentation regarding the various and sundry scams and frauds promoted via the Internet. As I prepared the outline for that presentation, several of the investigators I network with requested copies for their review. Many reported that they found the drafts useful and informative and several suggested that I write a book.

As most of you know, I have one time consuming project; raising four children by myself leaves me little time to write books. Rather than continue to produce copies of my outline, revise them and re-revise the revisions for my professional colleagues, I have established this web site. I hope that those among us who are interested in the investigation of swindlers, grifters, frauds and scams find it useful.

Those of you in the market for books would do well to visit Les Henderson's website at www.crimes-of-persuasion.com. As far as that goes, anyone with an interest in fraud should visit his website; it is probably the Internet's most exhaustive single resource. Unfortunately, his website was offline for a while - a notorious FOREX fraud feasor sued him and, Canadian law being what it is, they were effectively able to shut him down and stifle him, temporarily.

This website is intended to provide a resource for other professional investigators. For those of you who may not already know me, be aware that I am not an attorney, I don't "play one on TV," and I'd rather have it said that I attempted to surgically remove your "hot" appendix with a Swiss Army knife, than have it alleged that I gave you legal advice.

In addition to purely factual matters, I hope to share with you my thoughts and observations regarding the peculiar breed of sociopath that makes their living perpetrating "crimes of persuasion." I want to talk to you about strategy, I want to share insights and encourage you to be realistic in your approach to these investigations. The better you understand this particular type of thief, the better equipped you will be to deal with them and their shenanigans.

I should also mention that any investigative reports you find on this website are public record, and/or published with the consent of my Clients in the interest of promoting professionalism through education. There is nothing for sale here, there is no promotional material and there are no advertisements.


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